Causes of cancer

This week, you will prepare, research, practice, and deliver a 57 minute persuasive presentation with a PowerPoint. Live presentations should include a Q and A session at the end of the speech. Review “Answering Questions from the Audience” on pp. 193195. When deciding on a topic for your speech, remember to choose something that you feel strongly about. Your speech will be evaluated based on the following.

Content: The Week 7 presentation needs to be persuasive in tone and execute a fully developed persuasive strategy that is supported by a PowerPoint presentation. This is not a vocalized PowerPoint; it should be a live or recorded presentation of you delivering your presentation with PowerPoint (or something similar) as your visual aid. Keep in mind that a visual aid assists the presenter, and does not become the entire presentation.
Preparation: Your final presentation should incorporate all four canons of rhetoric (invention, arrangement, style, and delivery) in designing and delivering your message. You should have a strong introduction, several main points, and a strong conclusion. Incorporate verbal tropes and techniques from Chapter 8 for a strong delivery. Research opposing viewpoints to your stance and incorporate at least one into your speech, followed by a strong rebuttal.
Timing: The presentation should be 57 minutes. You should have 510 slides, including a reference slide at the end.
Research: You should have a minimum of three to five academic, peer-reviewed articles or books from a scholarly source. Review the DeVry Brainshark referred to in the week’s lesson as well as the library guides created specifically for our course. The sources that you submitted for the annotated bibliography are acceptable but not required if you found other research you used for your speech. Although websites are also acceptable, they should not replace the required minimum of three to five academic, peer-reviewed articles or books from a scholarly source.
A references list with at least three to five academic, peer-reviewed sources should be listed on your outline.
Three sources should be parenthetically cited on the outline. For a sample outline, download the Persuasive Speech Outline Sample document from the Files section of your course.
During the delivery of the presentation, there should be a minimum of three oral citations.

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