Citizen:An American Lyric (Claudia Rankine)

In Citizen by Claudia Rankine, it is stated that “just getting along shouldn’t be an ambition” (Section III). Why not? What does this book argue about the social status quo in America today? Argue your answer and provide at least two examples from Citizen.

In 450-500 words, compose a short essay in response to one, and only one, of the three questions below.

Your answer must contain:

An introduction.
A clear thesis statement, which is an argument or opinion in response to the question.
Your thesis cannot simply be a fact no one could argue with. You may wish to place your thesis statement in your introduction.
Two examples from course materials offered in direct and clear proof of your thesis statement, with your analysis.
A conclusion.
You may structure your essay as you wish, but you might consider a 4 paragraph structure: (1) Intro para, (2) body paragraph with example, (3) another body paragraph with example, (4) conclusion.

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