Climate Change

Climate change is not going to kill us all, but it will effect the world as we know it, since these are not the conditions to which our society adapted.

We can fix it though, and there are plenty of ways to do so. A lot of them were addressed in Chapter 15.

So, your paper. I want you to write a 2000 word (4 pages) paper on Climate Change Mitigation. How do we halt climate change, and how can we potentially reverse it. You can look at the Stabilization Wedges on slide 57 in Chapter 15 as a starting point. It doesn’t need to be a nuts and bolts kind of paper, just enough that I know you understand it in broad strokes.  You need to have at least four (4) sources. You cannot use Wikipedia as the source, but you can start your research there.  If you are going for the extra credit, you need another source per 1000 words, so that’s a minimum of 6 sources if you are going for the whole enchilada.
You need to do citations in this format:

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