Topic to write about: cognitive dissonance theory
The purpose of this annotated bibliography assignment is for you to learn how to research academic journal studies and how to read and analyze studies that use comm theories.

For this assignment, you are going to choose a Comm Theory, go to Google Scholar and find three academic works each using the theory that you chose. For example, let’s say you decide to research the Constitutive Communication of Organizations Theory. You might come across this using google scholar: (Links to an external site.)

Then you would just find articles that look interesting to you and read them.

My goal is for you to start to gain an understanding for how scholars use theory to inform their research. Because in upper division Comm classes you may be called upon to write informed research papers.


1. Write a brief introduction (paragraph) for why you are interested in the theory you chose and a brief explanation of the theory in your own words.

2. Choose three separate academic journal articles using the theory chosen (they can be on all different topics if you want but all have to use the same theory)

3. Provide a citation in APA for each

4. Provide a summary/analysis (roughly 250-300 words) for each.

5. You should follow proper conventions of writing, font, margins, etc. Total length should be 3 full typed pages (so will probably end on p.4)

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