Community based organization

Must create a program for youth in and out of incarceration.

To begin focusing on ways you as an individual can help inmates or probationers / parolees in the community.  In most correctional and or community centers programs are already implemented; however not every program work for each and every inmate, probationer or parolee.  As a correctional officer / community worker it is our responsibility to find skills, techniques, and or programs that is beneficial to our clients to ensure their success in and out of prison. Thus, this assignment gives you an opportunity to solve a real-life problem in corrections occurring in the state of California presently.  You are tasked to think creatively and propose a solution to assist in the rehabilitation of offenders by proposing a comprehensive program to provide skills to the offender. You create the terms by which a person qualifies for your program.

***We chose a program called Greenlight Gold
-sports center that offers soccer, football, softball and dance.
-requirements are its free, must have good grades, for both genders, for first time offenders, violent offenders, young offenders, any offender who wants to join to better themselves.
-age 12-18 yrs old
-good probationary status
-location- at a community center
-also offer counseling and vocational training

Just need these following 6 questions answered reasonably with the above information any other info needed please ask!!

1. Choose a skill for your social advocacy group. Provide a brief preliminary overview. Your overview will simply be 1 paragraph describing why this issue is important to you and to society in general.

2. Introduce your social advocacy group (must have a name). This is an advocacy group of your own creation. In other words, if you were to establish an advocacy group dedicated to the work of your issue, what does that advocacy group look like and what are its ultimate goals (e.g., public awareness, political action, social action)?
Explain the work the group does related to the topic area.
Explain how the social issue aligns with the groups ultimate goals.

3. Begin research: Provide summaries and citations of some of the sources you are finding related to this topic area. Each group member should have a source

4. Goals: What are the goals for your social advocacy group (include a minimum of 3 goals).

5. Mission Statement: Every business have a mission statement in which they conduct business by; thus, what can you use as a mission statement for your advocacy group?

6. Core Values: What are the core values of your social advocacy group? Why are they important to the functioning of your group?

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