Compare/Contrast Florida Const. v US Const.

Florida’s State Constitution

Compare and contrast Florida’s state constitution with the U.S. Constitution.

What is a constitution? What is its purpose?

Discuss in your paper the similarities (in the format and arrangement, structure of governmental offices, for example) and the differences (length of the documents, specificity, # of amendments, and so on) between these two documents.

When was each constitution proposed and where? When was each ratified, how, and by whom?

Next, find the processes by which Florida’s Constitution can be amended. How many ways exist by which Florida’s Constitution can be amended? List and describe each way.

Then, research online to find one proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution which will be on the ballot in Florida this year (2020). Describe, in your own words, what it would do if approved by voters.

Finally, provide your own informed opinion: Do most changes to our state law belong in the Florida state constitution or in our state statutes (Florida state law)? Why?

Explain your views. Cite at least one outside news article as a source of recent information, in addition to your other sources.

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