Complex Urban Systems

Urban system contains several key components or sub-systems, including transportation, land use, economy, energy, population, water and environment systems. These sub-systems are connected to each other either directly or indirectly. 
For this assignment, students need to write an essay to review the evidence about the connections/interactions between any two or more urban sub-systems. 
One specific example for this essay: The Interactions between Transport, Land Use and Economy Systems: A Review of Evidence. Note: you may use other tittles which can better describe your essay. 

  The essay should cover the following two topics: 
(1)    Introduction to the Urban Sub-systems Chosen
    The role of the sub-systems chosen in the urban system (e.g., why it is important?)
    What are the key components of the sub-systems chosen? 

(2)    Interactions between the Urban Sub-systems Chosen 
  Reviewing and discussing the evidence about the interactions between the urban sub-systems chosen
    Citing relevant work (e.g., papers and books) to support your argument 
    Using some specific examples to explain your argument 

Students are suggested to review relevant references (e.g., papers and books) before writing the essay. Please check your citation and reference list very carefully. Your essay should NOT contain any sentences which are directly copied from references.
Plagiarism will result into a zero mark for the assignment.

instructions in Doc files.

Please write an essay on 3 urban sub-systems.
Please choose Transport systems + other 2 systems.
I live in Hong Kong, so can focus more in Hong Kong’s urban systems, and United States/UK/other countries.

    Page Requirement: about 8 pages for each essay, not more than 15 pages (Font Size: 12; Single Space). References should NOT be counted towards page requirement.

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