Convention Sales And Services

Convention Sales And Services

Using what you have learned about Convention Sales and Services, you will create a power point presentation on a host city of your choice. You are trying to sell me, "the client", on why I should take my large convention to this city. Make sure every detail is clear and you have lots of pictures.


Your conclusion slide should include three reasons as to why I "the client" should book "your" city.



1. Be sure it has a professional layout

2. Use pictures where appropriate

2. Make sure all required material is in the presentation

3. Have one slide for each reason as to why I should book your city- not too wordy and then one or two pictures following a word slide.

4. Start with a title slide and an overview slide about what will be presented.

5. Include a summary slide


Finish with a short summary document, cited in APA format. This summary should wrap up the main points addressed in your presentation.


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