read three primary sources I attached in the files and answer the three questions associated with each document.

Doc. 1: The Declaration of the Rights of Woman:

How does De Gougess attitude to men compare with the Third Estates attitude to the other two estates at the beginning of the revolution?
What reasons does De Gouges give why women should have the same political rights as men?
Why is this an historically important document of the Enlightenment?

Doc. 2: Olaudah Equiano on the Middle Passage:

On the basis of Equianos account, what measures did the crews of slave ships take to ensure maximum profits from their business of transporting human cargoes?
How did Equiano try to make sense of or rationalize what was happening to him during the Middle Passage?
Why is this primary source historically significant?  What does it bear witness to?

Doc. 3: Sweated Labor- A Poor Womans Fate:

What does the woman do for a living? Describe her working day.
What is her family situation?  How do they make ends meet?
Why is this document emblematic of the Industrial Revolutions social effects?

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