Create A Business Plan (Creative)

Create A Business Plan (Creative)

 Make sure to include three full pages, APA citations in text and reference page, proper font, size, grammar, indentation, sentence structure, punctuation and more.  12 point font, times new roman font, 1 inch margins. . (three pages)

select a new business that they will run.  Find a business that will follow your passion, think about what you find to be fun.  Also, think about how having fun can make you a profit.  It may be selling a good that you love or providing a service that you love doing.  make sure it is your business, and not an extension of another person’s business. Decide on a price and explain why you chose that price.

Decide where your business will reside.

What services and under what conditions will you offer your services?

Decide on web Keywords.  Keywords are the words that people would use in a search engine to find your webpage. 

What type of business will it be? 


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