Cultural Humility

Please choose film from ATTACHED document below and write the following: VERY detailed instructions.. CAN NOT go wrong!

Use the Campinha-Bacote Model. Completing this assignment requires you to use this theoretical model to guide your practice, in this case increasing your skills in cultural humility and communication by applying the Campinha-Bacote model, described in the course readings. Address each of the following questions in one to two clearly written paragraphs: (SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT ON BACOTE)
Cultural Desire: What did you find surprising, intriguing, engaging, or exciting about the culture(s) highlighted in the book or movie you used? Identify at least two things. Focus on your reaction to positive attributes, values, or incidents were in the source that you did not expect to find there. Campinha-Bacote defines cultural desire as the motivation of the health care provider to want to, rather than have to, engage in the process of becoming culturally aware, culturally knowledgeable, culturally skillful, and familiar with cultural encounters (2002, p. 182).

Cultural Awareness: What did you learn about your own personal values and/or cultural beliefs as you read about those of others? Identify at least two things. Focus on identifying your own beliefs, values, or practices. Campinha-Bacote defines cultural awareness as the self-examination and in-depth exploration of ones own cultural and professional background (2002, p.182). 

You should use this terminology (Cultural Desire and Cultural Awareness) for your section headings as well. Read Campinha-Bacote carefullyyou do not want to confuse the terms! We also are not looking for a book report or a summary of the required readings. Rather, we want you to reflect on the questions above giving specific examples. For each question, please respond with two examples (see the rubric). It also stands to reason that you will be citing Campinha-Bacote as you address the two foundational questions. This is a formal, APA formatted paper, so please follow all the formal guidelines set forth in the APA manual, 7th edition.

Your answers should include personal reflection, that is, focus on your thoughts and feelings about the cultural growth you have experienced as a result of your readings. You may write this in the first person, facilitating the personal reflection content in this submission.

You are restricted to two paragraphs for each response.  Paragraphs should have topic sentences that summarize your response and supporting sentences that detail your response.  Points are awarded for responses that provide content clearly in two paragraphs. In addition, the paper is not to exceed 1000 words overall. Remember that word counts exclude title page and reference pages.

For your Conclusion, write one final paragraph of reflection using one of the following two prompts (whichever fits the protagonists story best). Remember that keeping the client at the center of care is about much more than just delivering hands-on health care. It is about addressing all needs of the client in a holistic, engaged, and individualized manner:  QEP_apply.png

Reflect on how the life of the protagonist in the book you read or the film you watched might have been changed and/or positively impacted by a multidisciplinary effort of healthcare professionals committed to the TeamSTEPPS core principle patient-centered care.  Be sure to discuss and CITE TeamSTEPPS according to the information in your module! (SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT ON TEAM STEPPS)

Discuss how your newfound insights about the culture heretofore unfamiliar to you have changed you as a provider and the way you will provide care, utilizing a patient-centered, TeamSTEPPS approach. Be sure to discuss and CITE TeamSTEPPS according to the information in your Module!

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