Cultural influences on the prenatal period

Name __________________________                                Date ___________________________
1.    Title of Topic ______ Cultural influences on the prenatal period
                                                TOPICAL OUTLINE FOR TEACHING PROJECT – NUR 410
1.    Give a brief background on the topic/problem 
2.    Discuss interventions/management of topic (based on best practices from 3 or more professional evidence-based practices journals)
3.    3 or more Questions for Q & A
    Why is this important to nursing? ______________________ 
    Do you think the interventions/management will solve the problem?  ____________
    What are some barriers to solutions to the problem? ____________

***2 OR MORE PROFESSIONAL HANDOUTS from Professional organizations (upload into designated Bb folder) (full credit)

1.    Participants will state having an increased understanding of _____________ (problem).
2.    Participants will be able to identify interventions to solving ____________(problem).
3.    Participants will understand potential barriers to solving ______________(problem).
4.    _____________________________
5.    _____________________________

***REFERENCES IN APA 7edition FORMAT (3 or more for full credit) high quality, recent (2015-2020)
***I want an essay and PowerPoint slides

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