Data Integration

Data integration depends on architecture and data standards. Integration, sometimes referred to as interoperability, is also the ability for databases to interchange or combine information. A seamless integration process is a direct result of design, architecture, and high data quality.

After you have viewed Vila Health: Data Integration, use your Data Discovery Report from Unit 5 to create a strategy map showing how data quality issues at Independence Medical Center can be resolved. Include at least three data quality issues you discovered, the processes or activities that may affect those issues, and recommendations to resolve each issue. Your strategy map should meet the following criteria:

Create a strategy map to demonstrate an data integration strategy including data quality, best practices, policies, and procedures.

To accompany your strategy map, write a summary that meets the following criteria:

Explain the use of a master patient index (MPI) in patient information integration.
Explain how the existing differences in data formatting will impact the ability to easily integrate data with the information systems.
Assess data quality and data integration issues that influence the foundation for Independence Medical Centers database design and architecture.
Recommend an integration strategy for Independence Medical Center.
Describe methods, best practices, policies and procedures for data integration in general.
Submission Requirements
Length: Twothree pages plus strategy map.
References: Follow APA style and formatting guidelines for resources and citations.
Writing: Create a document that is clearly written and generally free of grammatical errors.
Format: Use a Word file for the summary report and a diagram or a spreadsheet for the strategy map.

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