Data Standardization

Data must go through a process of collection, measurement, analysis, and reporting before it becomes useful information. To accomplish this process, data has to be defined and classified (structured); often, data points must be established. The latter is particularly common in relation to data collected and retrieved from electronic health systems. Standards development organizations (SDOs) help set guidelines to standardize the use of health care data points.

In this assignment, you will classify data points and review the use of data standards for classification.

Review the Vila Health: Standards Development Organizations media piece. After you review it, create a table to compile information on standards development organizations (SDOs) and classify data points most commonly used to capture patient information in health information systems. Links to SDOs are provided in the Resources. Complete the following in your table:

List the type of standards developed by the SDOs.
Describe the data to which the standard applies.
Explain why data standards are important in interpreting health care data.
Describe how the standards can be used as data standardization strategies for quality improvement initiatives.
Provide one example of a quality improvement initiative for each SDO.
List the type of data points and classification that may apply to the SDO, based on the description of the data to which the standard applies. (For example, The National Council for Prescription and Drug Programs would likely set standards for the data point of medications.) You may choose from the following data points:
Identification number.
Telephone number.
Date of birth.
Date of admission.
Medication dosage.
Medication frequency.
Conclude with a one-page report summarizing your findings and comparing information from the SDO that compares to the data points.
Submission Requirements
Written communication: Written communication should be clear and generally free of grammatical errors.
Format: Document with table and summary.
APA formatting: Use APA style and format for the paper, references, and citations.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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