DDBA8300 Entire Course / Class Solution

Week 1 Discussion 1 Research Philosophies Methodologies

Week 1 Discussion 2 Ethical Considerations in Practice


Week 2 Assignment Conducting a Literature Review on a Research Problem – Phenomenon

Week 2 Discussion Critical Analysis in a Literature Review


Week 3 Assignment Conducting a Literature Review on a Theoretical Conceptual Framework

Week 3 Discussion The Importance of Theoretical Conceptual Framework in Research


Week 4 Assignment Revised Problem Statement

Week 4 Discussion Peer Critique of Revised Problem Statements


Week 5 Assignment Draft Quantitative Prospectus

Week 5 Discussion Alignment Within Quantitative Studies


Week 6 Assignment Draft Qualitative Prospectus

Week 6 Discussion Alignment Within Qualitative Studies


Week 7 Assignment Draft Doctoral Study Prospectus

Week 7 Discussion Understanding the Research Process


Week 8 Discussion 1 Judging Research Quality

Week 8 Discussion 2 Use and Misuse of Research Studies for Social Change

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