Ethical Rules Screen (Steps 3(b)

(1))A comprehensive discussion of relevant NASW ethical responsibilities.

Ethical Principles Screen (Step 3(b)(2); 3(c))A comprehensive use of the Ethical Rules and Ethical Principles Screens when discussing ambiguous and/or contradictory guidance in the NASW Code of Ethics.

Proposed Ethical Action/Policy (Steps 4(a),(b),(d),(e); 6; 8(a),(b),(c); 9; 10)Proposed ethical action/policy clearly flows from the students comprehensive use of the 10 Ethical Assessment Screen steps (including the nuanced management of competing ethical arguments).

Ethical Use of Organizational Resources (Step 4(c))A thoughtful discussion of resource utilization issues relevant to resolution of the ethical dilemma.

Use of Technology to Facilitate Clinical Practice (Step 5)A thoughtful discussion of ethical uses of technology to help in resolving the ethical dilemma.

Use of Consultation to Guide Judgement and Behavior (Step 7)A comprehensive critical discussion of ideas gained though consultation.

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