Diffuse Fatty Infiltrate of the Liver

You will be writing a case study about a specific, common, abdominal pathology. Once you have chosen a pathology you may begin to do your research. I have provided a rubric to ensure you cover all important aspects of the pathological processes.
Please use APA formatting. The paper must be typed, use Calibri 12 pt font, and must be double spaced. You must include a title page and citations page. The paper must be 4-5 pages in length excluding the title and citations pages. Your paper must utilize at least 4 references. If you are using Internet resources, make sure they are credible medical sources such as .org or .edu. Do not use .com or Wikipedia. Pay attention to grammar and spelling.

Plagiarism report must be lower than 20% to pass the assignment.

Include the following information with supporting details and/or examples:
Define the pathology, its origin, risk factors, if its preventable and how, etc. Typical patient symptoms
Typical medical history (if applicable)
Typical imaging and lab tests to indicate pathology or if pathology is indicated Typical ultrasound characteristics seen with the pathology
Differential diagnosis of ultrasound characteristics seen, and differences that can be imaged to rule out differentials
Include lab values and ranges, ultrasound images and other imaging modality images.

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