Distribution Strategy and Strategic Alliances

Analyze the following case study from the Hunt Library: Ryan, K. & Barretta, P. (2018). Perry’s Ice Cream Distribution Strategy and Strategic Alliances: The 800-Pound Gorilla. (Links to an external site.) London, UK: SAGE

The case explains the importance of distribution partnerships and the complexity of marketing channel decisions. After reading the case study, address the following topics:

    What are the potential pros and cons of Perry Ice Cream’s direct sales distribution channel?
    What are the potential pros and cons of collaborating/partnering with this national brand?
    Evaluate the marketing channel options and describe the value channel members provide.
    Assuming that Perry’s leadership decides to carry the competitors products, evaluate the two proposals. Would you recommend they use on margin or drayage, and why?

    Title page with your name and assignment number and title.
    References using current APA (Links to an external site.) in-text citations.
    Written in essay format with at least three sections: an introduction, body (using subject headers, address the 4 topics), and wrap-up or summary.

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