Study Topic: The effect of Breakfast Consumption on Academic and Work Performance

Purpose of Study: The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of eating breakfast on work and academic performance.

Methodology: The experiment will consist of 20 participants varying in sex, ethnicity, and age. Individuals involved in the experiment will be randomly assigned to the control and experimental group by using for assignments. Assignments will then be placed in experimental and control groups. A's will be placed in the control group and B's will be placed in the experimental group. Prior to the experiment each participant will be given an informed consent and details of the experiment. Both groups will be given basic identical instructional assignments to complete during an allotted time (timer required). The experimental group will be provided with a cereal or granola bar of their choice before the assignment, the control group will not be offered anything before the assignment.

Once assignments by both groups are completed, they will be sorted into group A and B. Assignments will be graded and correlations or the lack of will be examined.

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