This course is about gifted education.

I have uploaded a few documents.
Document “SPE_NOTES1” are the professor notes for this week about this module.
Document “SPEinstructions_1” is prompt in which you have to answer with the rubric (please cite when writing.
Document “SPE_Reading&Videos” tells you about the coursebook and the required readings for this week. As well as videos that should be viewed.
Document “SPE_DOC1” and “SPE_DOC2” are documents that were listed as additional module materials to be viewed.
Document “SPE_PersonalStatement” is a little about me and why I took this course.

I do not have experience in the gifted educational world. I am not a teacher nor am I a parent. When writing about a “situation or experience” that pertains to two of the topics. Please write a broad and not a super-specific story. I am not a teacher nor do I have experience. But I am taking this certificate for the reasons I have outlined in the personal statement document. Please make up a story but something that isn’t very specific and is broad and more focused on citations than the actual story.

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