Education For Liberation

Revise/adjust the previous group lesson plan and facilitator guide (attached) by on the following added requirements:

Revise and Adjust the Lesson Plan and Facilitator Guide by incorporating:
– Emphasize how the participants would engage in making systemic structural
transformation in society (as related to your problem or topic)

– Incorporate at least one of the following approaches:
    o Frieres critical pedagogy approach
    o Boals theater of the oppressed approach o Hortons Highlander School approach
    o Alinskys approach

– Select as one of the following target audiences for your workshop:
    o Racial-ethnic and/or migrant community members (from low-income,
        working-class, and/or middle-class)
    o Low-income and working-class women
    o Low-income and working-class youth

In addition to the guidance in HW#2, this facilitator guide should be more than eight pages double-space, not including list of references. Please proofread and practice academic/intellectual honesty.

I’ve attached the completed HW #2 (previous group lesson plan and facilitator guide), prompt/instructions (please follow closely for it is very detailed. Also, please ignore the “10-Minute Workshop Facilitation Rehearsal”), and also an example of this assignment completed by a fellow classmate as an example and to take some sources/data/approaches to add to ours (please make sure ours doesn’t have any similarities, besides sources/data/approaches, that the professor may catch). Please don’t forget to add reference page. All this must be in ASA format. Please read prompt/instructions I’ve attached for more detailed instructions. Thank you!

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