effect of heat on aggression

Complete a research paper 8-10 papers, using information provided (Topic, Hypothesis, IV and DV, sample, operationalizations, procedure, and results).  Then also create a discussion, literature review of 3 peer reviewed articles.  For each article there should be a paragraph with the following information:
a.    Date
b.    Author
c.    Hypothesis
d.    Sample
e.    IV and DV
f.    How the IV and DV are operationalized
g.    Design (qualitative or quantitative)
h.    Results (including which statistical analysis used)
i.    Limitations and future directions
j.    Relevance to your hypothesis
Then, in a fourth paragraph, discuss the similarities and differences among the three articles.
4.    Including a discussion section in paragraph format, including:
a.    Whether or not your hypothesis was supported (based on your analysis of data), and the implications of that
b.    How your findings compare to previous research, providing reasons for any discrepancies
c.    The limitations of your study
d.    Suggestions for future studies
e.    A brief, take-home, conclusion

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