Effective Introductions for Web Articles

For this assignment, you will need to find a web article that you believe has an effective introduction. This could be a source you found in your research so far over the term or something you have come across in your day-to-day reading.

After you find a web article, your task is to analyze and discuss the introduction. Begin by identifying the specific audience and purpose of this web article. Remember, the audience is not everyone. The article will have a more specific audience, a specific group of people or type of person that it is addressing. Then, after you state the audience and purpose, you should describe why you believe the introduction is effective for that particular audience and purpose. You can discuss the opening attention-grabber, the information/background context provided, and how the use of visuals, color, and page design introduce readers to the text. Be sure to provide a link to the article youre discussing. Your total response should be about 200 words. Upload your response as a Microsoft Word doc or docx file or PDF.

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