EHR Standards

For this assignment, choose a case study that allows you to focus on standards for EHR data and technology, as well as the organizations that set the standards. Be sure to complete all assigned EHR course activities before you complete this assignment, so that you can add perspective from your growing EHR knowledge and skills to your analysis.

Choose a case study from one of the links provided; provide the citation in current APA style and format; and give an overview of the case study you chose. Based on your reading of the case study, your experience in using the EHR in the course, and further research in industry or scholarly resources, write your case study analysis to meet the following criteria:

Identify standards that govern EHR systems and the organizations that set them.
Select one vocabulary standard and one classification standard and explain how the case study implemented that standard.
Distinguish types of data, data formats, and data reporting requirements.
Describe the purpose of data modeling and data dictionaries.
Explain how the case study addressed the following components: data architecture, databases, data warehouses, data modeling, data dictionary, and metadata.
Explain the importance of data usability and quality.
Explain the importance of consistency and design.
Determine standards for integration among applications.
Using your experiences with the assigned EHR course activities, identify documentation strategies that have been used. Explain how these strategies have assisted in the integration of data across applications.
Submission Requirements
Page length: 35 pages.
References: Follow current APA style and format for references and citations.
Writing: Create a document that is clearly written and generally free of grammatical errors.

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