Emerging Technology and it’s effects on National Security

Emerging Technology and it's effects on National Security

Research Question: How will emerging and growing technology affect the United States National Security and what do we need to do to protect against it?
1. Active vs. Passive ◦This debate about using active versus passive voice is very much about communicating ideas, and effective communication of your main points. “Who did it, and what did they do,” is a simple question to ask in order to identify the difference; with passive voice, this may be a difficult question to answer, but for active voice, it it not.
◦Be ruthless – it is an issue of clarity.
2. Transitions between main ideas
◦As you edit, consider the flow between the main points of your argument. Have you achieved your intended effect? Is the message as you intended? Are the main points flowing smoothly and seamlessly in a well-connected and integrated manner? Or is it that the pieces of your argument come together like the pieces and parts of Frankenstein? If it’s Frankenstein, it’s time to address that. 
3. Transitions between sentences
◦With that, look for how your ideas flow from sentence to sentence. This will be important in the flow of ideas within your paragraphs. It impacts how details, evidence, and examples support the point you are making, and it directly impacts readability. 
4. Getting lost
◦Compare your outline with you’ve written. Are they close to the same? Are there areas in which you’re written is off-target, or in which you have ad-libbed new and unplanned points for which you have not offered details, examples or evidence? It’s time to review your intent – is your writing a basis for re-reviewing your thesis and your outline, in an effort to update them (and conduct more research as needed), or is it time to edit the content in order to bring the material back in line with your outline.
5. Sentence length
◦This is about readability.
6. Paragraph length
◦This is about readability. This is also about focus for your mail point for the paragraph, and in the logical organization of the paper. Clear, concise paragraphs help support the development of a central theme or idea overall, by focusing the paragraphs on clearly stated main points.
7. Administrative
◦Spelling. Punctuation. There vs their, a way vs away – all of the things for which your spell checker will fail you.
All of the sources in the file "Extended Literature Review" are available on the internet.
Please provide the free Outline as well.
Format: American Psychological Association (APA) style. 12 pt. font. with chapter headings that should not exceed 14 points. Avoid the use of boldface, script, italic, block or other unusual typeface. Left margin 1.25”, others 1”.


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