Essay 2: Letter to the Editor

1) Read an article, from a Nevada newspaper, that pertains directly to Nevada government or politics.

If the article does not pertain directly to Nevada government or politics, the submission will be penalized.

Las Vegas Review Journal
Las Vegas Sun
Other Nevada Newspapers

2) Write a short letter to the editor, commenting about the subject matter in the article. Copy and paste the language of your letter to the editor as a reply to this discussion forum.

The letter must begin with, “Dear Editor of the [newspaper title]”.
The first part of the body of the letter must contain the title of the article and name of the author, if available.
The body of the letter must be between 150 and 300 words.
In the body, you must emphasize objective argument and thought over emotion. Your response should be based on reason.
End the letter with a complimentary close, such as “Respectfully” or “Best wishes”, and your name.
Lastly, include the url to the specific article after your name, so your peer reviewers can read the article.

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