Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Write an 800 word minimum film review, properly formatted. 1st and 2nd person are fine for this essay.

You are writing your review on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Read some sample film reviews on Rotten Tomatoes that arent about your film.

Your review can be mostly positive or mostly negative; it’s up to you, but it must have an overall critique/suggestion.

You might use the following links as models for what your film review might look like:


Samples at Rotten Tomatoes

Things to include when writing your review:
Have a clever boilerplate introduction. Be sure you know what specific elements a boilerplate includes.
Give a short (paragraph or less) synopsis of your film without giving away spoilers.
Decide what two to four film aspects you want to critique (film content and/or formal based).
Give some examples of your specific film aspects from the film itself (again, no spoilers).
Possibly also consider the film in context, time period, social commentary, and/or genre.
Realize you are writing to an audience (who has not seen the film) that is deciding if they should see this film.
Have a final recommendation and rating in the conclusion.

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