Ethical Decision Making

In fact, you only need to connect 3 drafts and write 3 pages. Write a title you think is appropriate

Draft #4 is actually the final chapter of your paper.  Drafts #1 4 meld together to make one final paper on Ethical Decision Making.

Title Page
Page 1 2:  Personal Reflection on who or what influenced your ability to decide right and wrong    (Draft #1)
Page 3 – 4:  Stating your Ethical Dilemma and how it is applied to the Rational, Creative and Intuitive decision models            (Draft #2)
Page 5 – 8:  Discuss how the moral dilemma could be decided using the ethical theories of Duty, Consequentialism, and Cultural Relativism  (Draft #3)
Page 7 – 9:  Present your decision on the most ethical side of your ethical dilemma. Reflect on the decision model and ethical theory that particularly impacted your decision.        (Final)

    Reference Page:  This will include the references used in each draft
    Page Total:  7 9  (not including Title and Reference Pages)

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