Extra credit

EXTRA CREDIT [15 points total] You can do this! ?

    Choose one of the articles listed below. All three articles are posted on Bb.
    Review the PowerPoint file.
    Write a short essay/summary of the article [single spaced, at least 5-7 paragraphs or more]. Follow the guidelines listed on the PowerPoint file.
    The same rule applies here as before [Your paper should be well written, formal writing, should be focused and organized].

1) Hummer, Robert and Elaine Hernandez. The Effect of Educational Attainment on Adult Mortality in the United States. Vol. 68, No. 1, June 2013. Population Reference Bureau.
2) The Devil in the Demographics: The Effect of Youth Bulges on Domestic Armed Conflict, by Henrik Urdel, World Bank, Social Development Paper Series, Conflict Prevention & Reconstruction.
3) Talk Like a Man: The Linguistic Styles of Hillary Clinton, 1992-2013. By Jennifer J. Jones. American Political Science Association, September 2016, Vol. 14, Issue 3, pp. 625-642.

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