family business

Develop a weekly profit and loss statement for the Rock Crest Village location based on the normal projection of $10,000 per week in sales? Based on your financial analysis would you recommend that Ryan open a Sub by Design store in Rock Crest Village or allow another franchisee to open a store in that location? Justify your answer.

What are the growth challenges Smith Enterprises faces as it moves from its current 10 store franchise base to what could be as many as 20 franchises in the next few years? Put together a time line that outlines your recommendations for growth and what that means to the management structure at Smith Enterprises.

.How would you access the triangular relationship between Greg, Bree and Brad that eventually results in Brad leaving to pursue a career in real estate? What is the significant of Ryans gift to Bree and Brad when they leave the business? Was he too generous or not generous enough? Should this gift affect Ryans will in any way? If so, how? Discuss the reasoning behind your answer.

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