File Memo to small claims court

Assignment case as follows:
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Case: lending money 
Michael Base borrowed 20,000 from gf Samantha Johnson.
Suing him for money that she says she lent him. Hes supposed to pay back
Our side: we were in rel w/her since 2015. U explained to her u have a number of debts, and u dont know how to pay cuz u work as mechanic. 
Defense: she told me its a gift 
Evidence: text messaged. Cant deviate. Michael thank u so much for the money. It really helps and I love you.
Samantha I love you too. I wanna do whatever I can to help you.
Michael understood acknowledged receiving money. Understood its a gift, no point she says he has to pay back, or payment plan, or time when its supposed to be paid, how long its gonna be paid.
190 Kingston Rd E Ajax, Ontario, L1Z OC7

– According to “small claims court”
– From a paralegal prospectives
– “they were not living together “
– Need caselaw to back up txts.
– Memo to file about lending money
– Use websites like “canlii “ext. Must be cases in “”Ontario,Canada””


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