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Each student is required to complete an individual theory project. The theory project has two options:
A. Analysis and interpretation of a theme in contemporary sociological theory (e.g., critical race
theory, feminist theory, liberation theory, political economy, pan Africanism, environmentalism, mass culture theory, etc.) A student example of Option A is attached.
B. Application of a contemporary theory to explain an aspect of the social domain (e.g., education, family, government, religion, health care, crime, violence, globalization, transnationalism, environmental degradation, war, terrorism, world hunger, etc.) A student example of Option B is attached.
The theory project should be no more than ten (10) pages written in clear, concise, and grammatical English. Consult the ASA Style Guide.
Follow General Directions for Written Work.
Save your assignment as an MS Word file named as follows:
Submit your assignment  as an MS Word attachment.

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