Food Project Write Up

Using average daily intake of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins shown on the excel calculation sheet, write a report in a scientific format, discussing your results and comparing them with the RDAs for your age group.

Use headings:  Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussion & Conclusion.

for materials and methods:
– I used a website called ” NutritionCalcPlus”
– I would log in to track my food down

– Make sure your report is double spaced. 
– Make sure to include a hypothesis in your introduction.
– Compare your averages to the recommended values from your textbook or from the provided chart to determine if you are within those limits for macronutrients.
– Compare your caloric intake with your EER to determine if you are in a +/- energy balance.
– Estimate your average daily water intake, sleep hours, and exercise time. Are you meeting the recommendations?
– Include in your evaluation whether the food choices are actually healthy, even if they agree with the correct percentages.
– Make sure to save as a .pdf prior to uploading.  Only .pdf formats will be graded.

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