Generating Informative Speech topics & Citing Sources

Step 1) Consider different kinds of Informative Speech Topics; for example:

People topics:_______________Focus on human qualities and achievements.                             

Places topics:_______________Find new aspects of known places, or describe unfamiliar places. 

Objects and phenomena topics:_______________Focus on any nonhuman topic (can include hobbies).                   

Events topics:_______________Describe noteworthy events in history (and their relevance).         

Processes topics:_______________Show how something works, or teach how to do it.     

Concepts topics:_______________Explain an abstract idea.

Step 2) Now using the Apply It box on that same page (see below) as a model, and write down four possible informative speech topics that you would suggest for your groups Informative speech presentation. Just like the responses in this Apply It box, also include a sentence or two about why each of your four suggestions would make a good speech topic (JPG link):

Step 3) Finally, find one possible source for one of the topics you suggested in Step 2, and include the APA citation for that source.

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