Each student will prepare a 750 word research paper describing the geology of a locality with which they are most familiar, (e.g. their home town or region) or about which they have particular interest (e.g. Mt. Vesuvius).  Papers must provide sources (citations) for all facts provided and a bibliography.  The bibliography must include a minimum of one peer-reviewed scientific article.  Papers must include at least one geologic map of the locality or region discussed. The map, any other figures and the bibliography do not count in the 750 words required.  The paper should discuss the following topics: What types of bedrock are in the region?  How old are the rocks?  By what methods were rock ages determined? How were the rocks formed? For each type of rock, what was the tectonic environment during during formation? Is the region tectonically active today? What natural hazards and natural resources are associated with the region? Is the region expected to experience any effects of climate change? A short (250 words) draft of the project, including a partial list of sources, must be presented for feedback by 3/24.””

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