Global Cities

please, read the article, The City of the Future, which you can find in the link below and answer the questions below the link:,bit%20of%20old%2Dfashioned%20imagination.&text=After%20nearly%20being%20wiped%20out,the%20world’s%20most%20sustainable%20cities.

1.    Neil Brenner, in his article Thesis in Urbanization, discussed in class, ellaborates 9 propositions, or theses, to think about cities.  Please, after reading the article above, evaluate it using Brenners propositions.  Give examples from the article above for his propositions.

Link to Neil Brenners text:

2.    Does The City of the Future resonate, or fit in, with any of the ideas explored in the article by David Harvey? Please, ellaborate on how Harvey would perceive the city of the future brought in the article and give examples.

3.    Can Rotterdam be framed as a Global City, as proposed by Saskia Sassen? Explain.

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