Health Care Administration Assignment

Health Care Administration Assignment

Article Critique

Find a reputable article related to any of the topics you have read thus far related to Healthcare Administration on any of the topics you have been studying. Article must be from a reputable site or journal. Do not use wikipedia!


Post a well-written summary of the article in 400 – 500 words by discussing the main point that the author is making and MUST relate your article content to your current learning from your textbook. No spelling or grammar errors. 


Article summaries not meeting word count are automatically given a "Zero." Cover page and reference page are NOT included in the word count.


Criteria for the Article Summary:


1. Begin the article by citing the title, author, source and date of publication

2. Include author’s major assertion or position on the topic.

3. Summarize the central theme clearly and accurately.

4. Cover all author’s major supporting ideas and show relationship among these ideas.

5. Relate the article content to course content in your summary

6. Omit your personal opinion.

7. Page numbering top right corner

8. Double spacing

10. Indent first sentence of each paragraph

11. Correctly reference your article and your textbook in the paper and on the reference page.

12. Use topic sentences, good transitions, and a introduction paragraph & conclusion paragraph. 


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