Topic: sepsis in burn unit/patients
Step 1: Identify phenomenon of interest (sepsis in burn patients) that resonates with your area of practice/expertise and describe the target population (burn patients). Conduct a review of literature. The lit review should support the need for a change in the advanced practice nurse role. Thesis should be clear and concise
Describe the background and significance of the problem (sepsis in burn patients)
-what is the background to support this concept? why is it concern?
-who is affected by this issue? target population?
-what is the significance to the target population ?
-what is the significance to the discipline of nursing? how is this relevant to the advanced practice nurse role?
Step 2: situate your phenomenon of concern within a theoretical framework ( Neuman System Model by Betty Neuman). Describe the theoretical framework and demonstrate how this theory informs the phenomenon of interest. Propose a theory-driven intervention to ameliorate the phenomenon of interest. Provide a sufficient overview of the theory describing the major concepts and their relationship to each other. Connect the concepts of the phenomenon of interest(sepsis in burn patients) to the theoretical concepts.
Step 3: Propose a relevant, feasible intervention to address concern (sepsis in burn patients). Describe the theory driven intervention and its relevance to the discipline of advanced practice nursing. Reflect on potential limitations in relation to the proposed change or concerns with the theoretical framework chosen.
Step 4: Include a one page outline as an appendix. The outline demonstrates the organizational structure of your paper’s content. apa 7th. Use level headings to help guide reader.
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