HIST 152 – What was ‘McCarthyism’ and what made McCarthyism

HIST 152 – What was 'McCarthyism' and what made McCarthyism

What was 'McCarthyism' and what made McCarthyism in the 1950s such a dangerous political trend? 28.3 Explain what the Cold War was and describe President Eisenhower's military strategy for the Cold War. 28.4 Explain what the Brown v Board of Education decision was and describe the consequences of this decision in America. 28.5 Compare and contrast the presidential candidates of 1960 Why was John F. Kennedy so reluctant to embrace the civil rights issue when he was president? 29.2 What was the Great Society and what did Lyndon B. Johnson hope to achieve with it? 29.3 What caused the downfall of Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968? 5 Explain what the 'Watergate scandal' was. Why did Richard Nixon get caught up in the Watergate scandal and why did it force his resignation? 1 How did Gerald Ford become president, and why did he fail to get elected in his own right as president? 30.2 Discuss how Jimmy Carter changed the nation's foreign policy direction. 2 30.3 How did Ronald Reagan intend to remedy the nation's economic troubles and how did the Reagan Revolution actually change the economy? 30.4 Identify the different causes for the collapse of authoritarian regimes in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. 1 How did immigration in the United States change after 1965 from the way it had been before and why? 31.2 Why did women's demands for equality generate such a strong conservative countermovement? 31.3 What was the 'law and order' movement and what impact did it have on Americans in the 1980s and 1990s? 31.4 What problems will the nation face with the aging of the baby boomers.

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