When the dust finally settled in the American Revolution, the new country struggled to organize binding contract that is necessary to operate a government. The constitution although a living document wasn’t easy to ratify in the new states.  This unit explores the many political issues in developing a new constitution and the beginning of political parties.


    1. Textbook: Chapter 6 – “The Federalist Era — Nationalism Triumphant”

    2. Source Collection for Chapter 6: Publius,  Federalist Paper #10  (1788)

    3. Source Collection for Chapter 6: Bill of Rights 1789

    4. Source Collection for Chapter 6:George Washington, Farewell Address 1796

Based on the readings  answer the following question in 2-3 developed paragraphs. Please answer the question in the “QUIZ” section marked Quiz 6 and save the file as a Word Document of PDF file. Be sure to reference the readings for support.

In looking at the readings, especially the source materials for this week, why were the tensions between Federalists and Democratic Republicans so rancorous following the Presidency of George Washington? Did his advice in the Farewell Address go unnoticed in the Presidency of John Adams?

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