History of American Court System, State Court System with Hierarchy, Federal Court System with Hierarchy, U.S. Supreme Court

This paper should be four pages, not including cover page or reference page. Papers
should be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font, and in APA
format per the 6th edition of the manual. If you pick any other topic for your paper, you will earn 0 for paper. You need to
give minimum 3 scholarly journal references and must cite 2 cases relevant to your
topic from the book with detailed information. Dont use any internet sources but you
need to use journal articles or text book as sources. If you use only internet sources
4 without in text citation and journal articles and cases, you will not earn A or B in
your paper. Total points for the paper is 10 and it is 10% of the total grade.
Points will be deducted for serious errors and no references, no minimum pages in
your paper and if there is no two relevant cases to your topic.
The topic for the paper is given below in the syllabus. You need to write the findings of
the article or decision of the court to support your writings.

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