Hospice and palliation (attached article)

Type: Annotated bibliography

Subject: Health Care

Topic: Hospice and palliation (attached article)

Style: APA

Number of pages: 1 pages/single spaced (550 words)

PowerPoint slides: 0

Additional: None

Number of source/references: 1

Include : Abstract page

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Guidelines for Annotated Bibliography

Article: Hospice and Palliation in the English-Speaking Caribbean

  1. Single-spaced, 1 page
  2. Format – APA, Times New Roman, 12 font, single spaced.
  3. The article must be published within the last 5 years from a peer-reviewed journal.
  4. Include properly formatted citation of the article.
  5. The annotation will include the following:
  6. How this article relates to this topic.
  7. Annotation must summarize the article, focusing on these areas – how do these authors define the topic? Do the authors present the issues and concerns surrounding the specific topic? Do they focus globally?
  8. You must reflect on the impact this article might make. Is this ground breaking research, a description of the specific problem, or a practice policy? How will this article support your continuing work on your project?
  9. The PDF of the article must be included.
  10. The annotated bibliography grading rubric will be used to evaluate the posting.
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