How a bill is passed

1) What do you think about the process of creating a bill in the United States of America? (Write 50 words or more.)

2)In NY ENDS RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION FOR REQUIRED VACCINE, do you think there should be a law requiring people to be vaccinated? Explain your point a view and make sure you are supported by facts and statistics. If you believe in vaccinations, explain why you think vaccines are effective and herd immunity? If you are against it, explain how many people could die from diseases and how vaccines are a mistake. (Write 150 words or more.)

3) In STATE BAR ASSOCIATIONS HEALTH LAW, do you think the vaccine for COVID-19 should be mandated. Explain your point of view and make sure you are supported by facts and statistics. If you believe the COVID-19 vaccine should be mandated, who should be vaccinated first? Explain your stages of vaccination. If you do not think the vaccine for COVID-19 should not be mandated, do you think it is okay to spread the virus to others especially those who are vulnerable? Should those who are vulnerable stay away from others? Also, explain without a vaccine and social distancing, how many people in the world is expected to become ill and die. Do you think that will better control the world population, food supply, environment, etc.? Why did anti-vaccine groups started? Did they follow the science? (Write 150 words or more.)

4) In POLITICANS WHO CONSIDER SACRAFICING THE OLD, some politicians had said that the elderly population would sacrifice themselves for the countrys economy. Do you think that is a good reason to open the economy and do you think that elderly people would sacrifice themselves? Or, should society sacrifice all those whoa re vulnerable? What do you think about this way of thinking? Do you think medical staff will think this a fair? (Write 150 words or more.)

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