how to create and manage standards of service

In this discussion, we will examine collectively a service business, and reflect on how to create and manage standards of service.

Standards of service help ensure consistency and, thus, quality service. It helps us meet and exceed customers’ expectations. It is a way to listen to the voice of the customer and work on continuous improvement.

Definition of Moment of Truth: a time when a person or thing is tested, a decision has to be made or a crisis has to be faced.

Step 1:

Read the attached case scenario (34Clardy).

Step 2:

Create a Discussion Thread.  You need not address all  items in this list. Simply answer, in at least 50 words, answer the following:

1. Describing various points of contact (or moments of truth) that Tom had at Hair Locks and evaluate the adequacy of each moment,
2. What standards of service should have existed at each point listed in #1
3. What kind of service cycle can they create to ensure that quality customer service standards are consistently maintained?

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