Human Resource

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Your essay must include an introduction paragraph, main section consisting of two or more paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. You must address all relevant parts of each question.


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New Union Agreement


For the past 15 years you have worked for a manufacturing company. The plant where you are employed is outdated, and the company has not been profitable in the past three years. Recently, company management and union representatives have been working on a new labor agreement. Without a new agreement, the company may be forced to close. You have just learned that the new agreement will cut one-third of the plant’s jobs, lower starting wages for new employees, and reduce wages of some existing employees. This agreement will, however, provide the funds necessary to update the plant, and should make the company profitable. Union members will vote on the deal before specific details such as which employees are impacted will be announced.


Based on the specific information provided, explain how this agreement benefits the company and what possible negative impact could the agreement have on the company. As an employee, would you favor the implementation of this agreement? Why or why not? Include key terms and concepts from the lesson.

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