HW 3.2 EcoMap

Look for information on the ecomap. Explore the symbols that compose it. Make a draft of an ecomap taking into account the following case:

The Campos family is made up of Carlos (father), Fernanda (mother), Lisa (7 years old) and Andrs (17 years old). Mrs. Campos recently had a child which represents an addition to the family. Ms. Campos is a teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools and Mr. Campos is a nurse at Holy Cross Hospital.

Andrew, the young man, is attending Wheaton High School and has had behavior problems. Andrs was suspended from school a month ago for involvement in controlled substances and was referred to the juvenile court. Her court hearing is pending, however her mother has obtained a good lawyer.

Mr. Campos and Mrs. Campos are going through a somewhat stressful situation due to the child’s birth and Andrs’ legal problems. As a result, two weeks ago, Mr. Campos had a small heart attack and had to be hospitalized in an emergency. He is still hospitalized because he has not yet managed to stabilize his medical condition.

Given this situation, Marta, Fernanda’s mother and Mirna, Fernanda’s sister, came from Puerto Rico to help him with the children and with the situation. Ms. Campos is currently on maternity leave, but soon she will have to return to work. At the moment his mother helps him with the baby and the 7-year-old girl. Mirna helps you with the cleaning and maintenance of the home.

While Mr. Campos is in the hospital, Ms. Campos directly supervises Andrs to ensure he stays out of trouble. Andrs has expressed his frustration to his mother and is sorry for what happened. She has promised to do her best to return to school and away from both drugs and negative friendships.

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