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I’ve attaching some information you may need to write an SOP. I want to study international security because I want to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affair, but i’m not sure where to start and what to write so my backgrounds will fit the requirement. I want a strong opening and closing paragraph. Please focus on my career plan, how I would fit the program, how I can contribute myself to the public, and all requirements in the admission criteria.

These are all admission criteria:
– the personal and professional experiences, references, and the other elements which they have chosen to highlight in their application
– the factors that have influenced their decision and motivated their choices for their future endeavors.
– What the applicant would contribute to the student body and what his overall commitment to Sciences Po
– whether the applicant has sufficiently sought to inform him/herself about the program she has chosen
– whether s/he is able to state his/her reasons for choosing the program convincingly

*Professional experience
– internships in the same domain, Any previous personal experience demonstrating the open-mindedness, curiosity or boldness of the applicant (whether sporting, artistic, humanitarian, or other)
– what opportunities the applicant has had + which ones they have chosen
– which decisions they have had to take; in which domains they have had specific responsibilities; and who or what in their lives has influenced and helped them to become who they are

*career plans
– concrete idea of the professional domain (or even position)
– state clearly what aspects of their personality or background have led them to make this choice.
————The fit between the applicant's career plans and the training sought is evaluated in order to ensure that the prospective student stands to gain the most from it———
– clarify the reasons why they have chosen the program
– the aspects they find attractive
– explain how Sciences Po would be an integral part of their plans.

The personality of the applicant
– demonstrate his/her willingness to become an active part of the social community, as well as a professional
– previous activities showing such a capacity for leadership and overall responsibility are appreciated.
– demonstrate the aptitude to develop during their studies
– certain attitudes such as;
* intellectual curiosity
* capacity to take on difficulties and to face complex situations
* capacity to uphold respect, tolerance and consideration as fundamental values of citizenship.
– autonomy, listening, adaptability and openness to others

Thank you so much 🙂


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