ICT and Educational Leadership

Choose one topic from the four
Write a critical review of a selected topic in the area of ICT(Information communication technology) and Educational Leadership, e.g.
1. A critical review of HongKong ICT in education strategies (e.g. Hong Kong Governments three ICT in education strategies )
2. A critical comparison of the ICT in Education Masterplans between two systems (e.g. between HK and Singapore)
3. A critical review of one of the strategic initiatives for ICT in Education implemented in HK
4. Leadership and school implementation strategy in ICT-enhanced curriculum reform /Teacher learning for ICT in education 

Please write a 400-words abstract in accordance with the following format and questions. Don’t plagiarize. As long as you quote other people’s opinions, you need to use APA format.

This is the Sample.

What is the background information that form the basis of the critical review?
What problems are you going to solve in this critical review?
Why are these problems important to solve/Why are you interested in these
What are the objectives of the critical review?

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