Integrated experiential learning Viacom project- Annotated Bibliography

Viacom Project: Annotated Bibliography
The first step in your project is to understand the domain expertise of the Viacom Project. This will allow you to become an expert within the domain area so you can provide a comprehensive and efficient solution for your client.
In order to develop the expertise needed, you are asked to do research about the domain. This means finding peer reviewed articles specific to the domain and the challenge that are found within the domain. These articles should also have relevance to the business question of the sponsor or the business questions that will help you define a solution.
As you begin to gather article and sources, you may want to develop a map to help organize and categorize the articles and research you are doing along the way for this project. There are a variety of tools available to you to create visual maps.

For this assignment, find one article about Viacoms finance relate with Audience Performance, submit a Two Paragraph summary of one article. The summaries should include:
    An APA citation of the article
    A short summary of the main points of the article
    The findings of the research
A statement of how the article is related to the business question.
This document will become what in academic circles is called an annotated bibliography.
Project background
Sponsor: Viacom
Company name:  Viacom
Project title:  Visualization for Audience Performance
Research Domain: Finance
Project Description:  Some background- as a media and entertainment company Viacom creates content, and creates content on behalf of client advertisers, which we distribute to our various platforms, one being our social handles. On our social handles we target many different types of audiences. For this project we hope to understand which audiences have been most successful for us in the past, and using this knowledge can we understand which audiences will be most valuable for us in the future. Audiences on social come in all shapes and sizes, some may be very niche and specific, for example all tennis-players above 65, and some may be much more broad, for example anyone living in the US above 18. Each audience will have a unique behavioral profile that we wish to understand. We want to students to strategize, given the performance and delivery data that we have on our social audiences, what types of audiences should we focus our resources on given various objectives.  First, we want to understand the performance of our content across the various audience types. For example, how many impressions, video views, engagements have these audiences accrued, how many times have the audiences been targeted for various ad campaigns, and how much does it cost to target them. We also want to understand the size of the audiences and how that may relate to performance of given ad campaigns. The objectives we want to optimize for are total impressions, total reach (unique impressions), total video views, total engagements, engagement rate (engagements/impressions), high video retention, and low cost. We’re looking for understanding on which audiences should be used given the objective, and can we understand attributes of an audience may contribute to good performance in a given objective.

Goal:  Students will be expected to create visualizations of the performance of the audiences; these may include average number of impressions delivered per ad, average cpm per ad etc. Also, which audiences or group of audiences would be most suitable for a given objective and what are audience attributes that contribute strongly to performing well in a given objective. Students are expected to summarize their results in a powerpoint presentation.  Students will help Viacom understand if they are reaching the right audience on their social media channels by analyzing the performance of various ad campaigns that target various audiences. Students will develop an analysis using real-world data to understand what drives success in reaching the right audience for the right objective. Finally, students will gain experience in summarizing their results using visualizations and presentations.

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