Interior Furnishing and Decoration Analysis

Select an interior created or significantly altered after 1800 and closely associated with a major movement, group, or set of ideas in the decorative arts and design(Arts & Crafts, Vienna Secession, Society of Artist-Decorators, Futurism, Constructivism, Postmodernism, Sustainability,Universal/Inclusive Design,etc.)

Research and write an approximately 1500 word formal academic paper driven by a thesis and argument that analyzes the movement, group, or set of ideas and places your interior within the context of the major ideas of your group. How does this interior express the ideas of the movement or group

You may want to consider some of the following questions when developing your thesis and argument, with an emphasis on how your interior reflects or exemplifies the ideas, goals, and/or approaches of your movement:
How is the interior space organized?How is the room laid out? How are the functions of the space organized? Would this space be part of a larger suite of rooms or is it more self-contained?
What is the relationship between architecture and interior?How do the elements of the interior architectural frame (i.e. floors, windows, walls, ceilings, interior architectural details, etc.) relate to the furniture and furnishings? Is there a relationship between interior and exterior architecture? Interior and exterior space?
How was the space designed and executed? Who would have been responsible for the aesthetic conception of the space? What were they trying to achieve/what principles guided them? Who would have executed the different components of the interior?
How are form and ornament used, including iconography or symbolism, sources, and cultural meanings?

Your paper must include at least one clear image of your interior space with a caption indicating the name or title of your interior (e.g. living room, Falling water), responsible parties (i.e. architect/designer etc.) and date.
All papers must include proper footnotes and bibliography in appropriate Chicago/Humanities format

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